Home Dutchess County Child drowns in Town of Poughkeepsie drainage ditch (VIDEO)

Child drowns in Town of Poughkeepsie drainage ditch (VIDEO)

Child drowns in Town of Poughkeepsie drainage ditch (VIDEO)

POUGHKEEPSIE TOWN Tragic outcomes emerged from the search and rescue effort for a five-year-old child who vanished on Sunday in the Town of Poughkeepsie’s Arlington neighborhood. It was not much before five o’clock when Arlington firefighters found the boy’s lifeless body in a drainage ditch. Prior to transferring the boy to MidHudson Regional Hospital, firefighters attempted to resuscitate him on the scene.

About 4:30 p.m., the Arlington firefighters were called to the Manchester Gardens Apartments to help the Town of Poughkeepsie police, who had been looking for the missing young person for almost an hour, search a drainage area. The Arlington Fire Department’s internal swiftwater rescue unit was dispatched to the location as the mission turned into a full-scale search and rescue operation.

The boy’s body was found in chest-high water not long after the specially trained rescuers entered the network of drainage culverts, which were several feet deep. This information was provided by Arlington Fire District officials.

After starting lifesaving procedures right away, the firefighters hurried him to MidHudson Regional Hospital. To transfer the youngster to the pediatric trauma unit at Westchester Medical Center, a LifeNet medevac helicopter was called to the scene to meet the Arlington medics.

Only minutes before the chopper touched down at the hospital, the Arlington ambulance rushed the patient inside. After turning off the aircraft, the flight medic team carried the child on a stretcher and entered the emergency room cautiously.

The child was not loaded onto the helicopter for the ride for several minutes. Mid-Hudson News was informed by hospital sources that the youngster had been declared dead there and would not be receiving an airlift.

In an effort to comfort the men who attempted to save the youngster, the department chaplain will meet with the firefighters at the firehouse on Sunday night, according to Arlington Fire District Chief Bill Steenburgh.

Police in the Town of Poughkeepsie are looking into the death. It is requested that anyone with information call 845-485-3666.

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