CCPD Cracks Down on Drug Operation Near Daycare, Four Arrested

Following accusations of drug activity near a daycare and other businesses, Cape Coral police arrested four people on different narcotics offenses on Wednesday.

Narcotics Unit of the Cape Coral Police Department received “many complaints about drug activity from nearby businesses, including a daycare, “numerous complaints about drug activity from nearby businesses, including a daycare. The complaints stated that people living at the home were throwing paraphernalia, including needles, in the daycare dumpster across the street.”

In a press release this morning, CCPD officials stated that the four arrests were the consequence of the Narcotics Unit obtaining a search warrant for the property.

That release states that Russell Hanzevack, 35, was charged on three charges of possessing a controlled narcotic without a prescription and three counts of selling fentanyl within 1,000 feet of a daycare center.

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Amanda Devitt, 35, was charged on one count of trafficking in methamphetamine, one count of possessing illicit quantities of Oxycodone, one count of possessing Suboxone, one count of possessing Alprazolam, one count of possessing cocaine, one count of possessing drug paraphernalia, and one count of possessing hazardous drugs without a prescription.

One count of fentanyl possession and one count of possession of drug paraphernalia were brought against 47-year-old Peter Rogers.

Tamara Paul, 32, faces charges of possessing one unit of fentanyl and one unit of drug paraphernalia.


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