Home News Carport solar array bill passes State Senate

Carport solar array bill passes State Senate

Carport solar array bill passes State Senate

ALBANY: This Monday, the State Senate passed a bill that will assist governments in installing carport solar arrays on parking lots in public parks for the fourth year in a row. State Senator Peter Harckham, the bill’s sponsor, claims that the action will assist the state in achieving the high standards set forth in the Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act.

We will be able to move forward with more solar projects, generate more clean, renewable energy, lower carbon emissions, and bring in money for our communities by expediting the licensing process, according to Harckham.

In order to alienate parklands that contain airspace directly over real property utilized for vehicle parking, municipalities are currently required to request an act from the legislature. This puts a financial and administrative strain on local communities hoping to produce renewable energy.

The new law, if approved by the State Assembly and signed by the governor, will enable municipalities to move forward with solar energy projects under two megawatts that are situated directly above land that is currently used for parking by avoiding the process of asking the state legislature to alienate parkland. According to Harckham, cutting red tape will speed up the completion of solar projects.

In the previous legislative sessions of 2020, 2021, 2022, and 2023, the bill has passed the State Senate.

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