Car Belonging to Illinois 17-year-old Missing Guy is Found in a Pond

Police say that a teen from Illinois whose car had been lost for a week was found in a pond on Monday. Police said that Brissa Romero’s Nissan Rogue was found in a big retention pond in Vernon Hills on Monday afternoon. Vernon Hills is a town north of Chicago and about 17 miles east of her home in Carpentersville.

Vernon Hills Police Chief Patrick L. Kreis said at a news conference that the body has not been found yet but that the search is still going on. Romero is believed to have been the driver of the car that sank into the pond. Someone in the area saw what they thought was her backpack by the pond on Monday morning. The SUV was later found in the pond, Kreis said.

Kreis said, “Based on the state of the car and the evidence we have so far, it looks like Brissa was in that car when it crashed into the lake.” Last Tuesday, Romero was reported missing, which led to a search. Police say the last place they knew she was was near Bowlero, a bowling hall in Vernon Hills.

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Police think Romero was driving because on Monday morning, they found video from a fast-food restaurant about a mile away that showed her parking, going into the restaurant by herself, leaving by herself, and then driving out of the parking lot, Kreis said.

He said, “That all happened about 15 minutes before her last phone pings registered in this area.” Officials say the search of the pond will continue. The search was put on hold Monday night and was set to start again Tuesday morning.

Kreis said that the pond is about 20 feet deep at its deepest point, which is also where her SUV was found. He said the car went into the pond, which was about 60 feet deep. The pond is near a T-shaped crossroads.

“From the preliminary review of what happened, it really appears like this is a case where a driver, unfamiliar with the area, failed to navigate a turn and went through the intersection, down an embankment, into the pond,” said Kreis.

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