Home Community Cahill family endorses Gabi Madden for State Assembly

Cahill family endorses Gabi Madden for State Assembly

Cahill family endorses Gabi Madden for State Assembly

The Cahill family is pleased to support Gabi Madden in her bid to serve as the next Assemblywoman from Ulster and Dutchess counties.

Since Kevin Cahill holds a significant state post, he is ethically obligated to abstain from public political actions; however, we have all had the opportunity to get to know Gabi Madden and the excellent job she has already done for the people of the Hudson Valley. She played a key role in supporting neighborhood organizations, maintaining communication between the offices of the Assembly and Senate and our local universities and schools, and, above all, being there for our neighbors in times of need and always willing to go above and beyond to assist.

Kevin frequently mentioned in our talks and at family get-togethers how wonderful it was to serve our region in the Assembly and other positions he had for 35 years. He ensured that the staff, family, and friends realized that serving others was more valuable than holding a position of authority. That spirit is fully embodied by Gabi Madden. Her tenure in the Assembly and the State Senate taught her those most crucial lessons.

Gabi is tenacious when it comes to our neighborhood. When others would have given up or accepted government bureaucracy as it is, Gabi pledged to find a solution after seeing the needs of her constituents. Despite the obstacles she had to overcome and the long hours she put in, Gabi never wavered from her vow to be the people’s advocate and a true shoulder to cry on. Whenever someone complimented her on how well she solved a problem, she would always brush it off and say that this is how government should operate.

Gabi Madden’s service to the public good extended beyond her tenure in state positions and her involvement in campaigns. From her early childhood, throughout her adolescence, and until her college graduation, Gabi, together with the Madden and Savona families, have been indispensable members of our community, consistently offering support and generosity.

Gabi has the experience, knowledge, and most importantly, the heart to help everyone. She has organized events for children such as a free ride on the Polar Express and the annual Summer Reading and Exercise Challenge, which Kevin’s office ran for 26 years. She has also helped seniors with housing issues, secured Medicaid transportation for a young woman battling a degenerative disease, applied for grants to help a constituent replace their boiler, and navigated the red tape of insurance denials.

We are pleased to support Gabi Madden in her efforts to reinstate the exceptional caliber of public service that has characterized our Assembly office for nearly half a century, for this reason alone. We implore you to cast your ballot, preferably early, and of course to tell your friends about it.


Brian and Debra Hoffman Cahill, Terry and Tammy Bream Cahill, Pat and Jill Plough Cahill, Mike Cahill, Katie Cahill, Meagan, Jim and Karen Benecase Cahill, Ann Perry Cahill (Christopher), Donna Cahill Castle and Jim Castle, Elisabeth Cahill and Donnie Timbrouck Mollie Cahill, Brianne Cahill, and Mary Cahill

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