Boy, 13, Killed Mother While She Slept in Hialeah Apartment in Front of Baby: Police

Law enforcement authorities are conducting an investigation after a tragic incident in which a 13-year-old boy allegedly took the life of his mother within their Hialeah apartment, all while a newborn baby was present.

The heart-wrenching incident occurred late in the evening, around 11:30 p.m. on Thursday, at their residence located at 211 West 79th Place, according to Hialeah Police officials.

The distressing chain of events unfolded when the teenager reportedly reached out to the police, informing them that he had just committed a heinous act – the murder of his own mother. In response to the call, officers promptly arrived at the location.

Upon their arrival, they discovered the lifeless body of the 39-year-old woman in her bedroom, next to a crib where a 14-day-old baby lay unharmed.

A concerned neighbor captured the moments when Hialeah Police officers approached the apartment, instructing the teenager to exit the premises with his hands raised. Cellphone footage revealed the boy complying with the officers, surrendering peacefully, and being safely taken into custody, while other officers proceeded to enter the home.

During subsequent interrogations with detectives, the teenager allegedly admitted to stabbing his mother while she was asleep, as stated in an arrest report. He went further, taking photos of his mother’s lifeless form and transmitting them to a friend through social media. Furthermore, he reportedly disclosed to the same friend, via a phone conversation, that he had indeed taken his mother’s life.

Hialeah Police spokesman Eddie Rodriguez expressed the sentiment, saying, “This is heartbreaking, I never would have imagined something like this, a 13-year-old child taking his mother’s life. It’s a very sad story.”

It was revealed that the baby present at the scene was the half-sister of the teenager. Additionally, the mother’s husband, the boy’s stepfather, who works as a truck driver, was reportedly out of the state at the time of the incident. He was making arrangements to return home as soon as he received the devastating news.

Neighbors identified the woman as Irina Garcia and disclosed that she had recently given birth to the baby just days prior to the tragedy.

The 13-year-old boy was taken into custody at their apartment and is expected to face a second-degree murder charge, as stated by the police. The shock and disbelief reverberate through the community, with the boy’s classmates expressing their astonishment. One classmate remarked, “I’m surprised, I’m shocked and I’m angry. I talked to him many times, and I said, ‘Love yourself,’ and he would always say ‘OK.'”

Authorities are now working to determine the underlying reasons that led the teenager to commit such a grave act. Hialeah Police spokesman Eddie Rodriguez noted that, according to their information, the teenager was considered a good student, an honor roll achiever at iMater Academy in Hialeah, and there were no known prior indications of mental health issues.

Despite the extensive investigation, the motive for this deeply distressing act remains unclear. Rodriguez stated, “We don’t know, that’s something that we’re still trying to figure out. He did not say why he did this; all he did was call 911 and advise what he did.”

According to sources from NBC6, the teenager’s call to the police stemmed from his fear that he might also pose a danger to his sister and himself.

In light of the gravity of the incident, prosecutors are considering charging the teenager as an adult, while the mother’s identity has not been released.

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