BEWARE: Police Issue Urgent Warning to PA and NJ Giftcard Buyers

When you buy gift cards this holiday season, be extra careful! Scam artists are moving around. Fox29 reports that officials are telling people who buy gift cards about a new scam that has already caused a lot of trouble at a Giant grocery store in Pennsylvania. The police call it the “card draining scam,” and over 100 store gift cards have been hacked.

What Is the “Card-Draining” Scam?

This is how it works. People who want to scam you are looking for popular gift cards like Visa Vanilla and Apple at the store. Once they have the gift card, they’ll secretly write down the card’s information and then put it back on the shelf, probably by acting like they’re no longer interested in buying it.

BEWARE: Police Issue Urgent Warning to PA and NJ Giftcard Buyers

After that, you have to wait. The thieves will wait calmly for the card to work. That person will finally buy that card, but the scammer will still use the card’s information to take out the money.

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How Can I Avoid the Card-Draining Scam?

The government tells people who want to buy gift cards to read them carefully. Putting it back on the shelf after opening it or messing with it is not a good idea. Others might get scammed because of this. Notify the checker of the error.

The sad truth is that this scam has been going on all over the country. These scams are common around this time of year because gift cards are a popular gift. Please be careful!

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