Beware: 5 Arkansas Locations You'd Never Want to Settle Down In

Arkansas provides a wide variety of places to call home because of its scenic surroundings and warm southern friendliness. But not every area of the Natural State is as welcoming as others. This piece looks at five places that might not be the best places for you to settle down.

These areas have a reputation for being less attractive due to a variety of circumstances, including high rates of crime, difficult economic situations, and others.

Let’s examine more closely at what makes them the ones you would reconsider while deciding where to settle in Arkansas.


Blytheville is not a safe place to live, as evidenced by its high rate of violent and property crimes combined—it ranks among the highest in Arkansas.

Living in this city puts you at a one in 17.1 danger of becoming a victim of theft. It is situated to the east of the state, just 60 miles from West Memphis, the scene of considerably greater crime.

Its unemployment rate, at 10.2 percent, is among the highest in the state. In addition, the typical household income only surpasses the poverty threshold.


The only reason Osceola does not appear higher on this list of the worst places to live is because its median household income is higher than that of most other cities.

Beware 5 Arkansas Locations You'd Never Want to Settle Down In

The third-worst unemployment rate in Arkansas is found here, with about 12 percent of the population unemployed despite the respectable median household income.

When you consider that 18.9% of people in the country don’t have a high school education, it becomes clear why the jobless rate is so high.


The fact that 31.4 percent of Camden’s citizens are poor is arguably the city’s most startling figure. At $76,300, Camden’s median home value is the fourth lowest in the state, which should come as no surprise.

Camden is located in Ouachita County, which is frequently listed as one of Arkansas’s less educated counties. The majority of people just possess a bachelor’s degree or less. And over 14% of its citizens do not even possess a high school certificate. It indicates poor earnings, which accounts for the degree of poverty.

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West Memphis

West Memphis, which is home to just over 25,000 people, is among the worst places in Arkansas to live. The rate of violent crime is actually so high that it surpasses the national average in the US by 597%.

Beware 5 Arkansas Locations You'd Never Want to Settle Down In

Second, West Memphis has one of the highest unemployment rates in Arkansas, at 10.9 percent. The cost of living in the city is its only asset; it ranks 75.9 on the index.

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Helena-West Helena

The 10,000 citizens of Helena-West Helena have significant challenges due to a lack of employment prospects, and the town’s population is dwindling, probably as a result of its poor reputation as an Arkansas area to live.

It indicates that 12.2 percent of the population is unemployed, making it Arkansas’s second-worst unemployment rate. There are indications of a weak local economy in the form of a substantially lower median household income and home value than the state average.

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To Conclude

There is no denying Arkansas’s natural beauty, yet certain cities have problems that could lower your standard of living.

A challenging picture is painted by the unemployment and crime in Blytheville, the unemployment and low education in Osceola, the poverty and low pay in Camden, the skyrocketing crime rate in West Memphis, and the declining population and financial difficulties in Helena-West Helena.

Even though there is room for development in these areas, think carefully about your goals before relocating to Arkansas.

Recall that there are many possibilities available in the Natural State; with diligent investigation, you can locate a friendly and prosperous town to call home.

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