Bethel Town Revealed as the Most Quaint Small Town in Delaware

Delaware is known as the “First State” of the new United States. Delaware joined the Union in 1787. People from inside and outside of Delaware visit the state’s bigger towns, like Wilmington and Dover, which is the state capital, a lot. But some of the state’s cutest spots are a little farther away. We are showing you that visiting Delaware’s smaller towns is well worth it. Delaware’s small towns have a lot to offer travelers, from colonial history and relaxing on the beach to parks, green places, and a style of architecture called a “potato house.”

Bethel: The Most Quaint Small Town in Delaware

The first town on this list of cute places in Delaware is also the smallest. At only 240 people, Bethel has the feel of a small town and the peace and quiet of a place that has stayed much smaller than the state’s bigger cities. Bethel was once a major shipping center. It is on Broad Creek, a branch of the Nanticoke River, west of town. Bethel is a historical site with a city area that is on the National Register of Historic Places.

It used to be called Lewis’ Wharf and Lewisville. Two Ship-Carpenter Houses are on the list. As the name suggests, they were built by skilled woodworkers in the shipping business in the town. The Bethel Maritime Museum and the Bethel Heritage Museum are two places where people can learn about these and other kinds of history.

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If you want to get some fresh air, visit the Philips Landing Park, which is where Broad Creek and the Nanticoke meet, or the Nanticoke Park Wildlife Area. A few miles west of Bethel is where all of these green areas are.

Affordability in Bethel, DE

  • Average home value: $321,200
  • Great for: Cost of living, jobs, housing, outdoor activities

You might want to look into Bethel, a small town in Sussex County that is close to Broad Creek and doesn’t cost too much. In the past, this town was a major shipbuilding center. Some of the historic buildings in this cute town were made by the shipbuilders.

The Nanticoke Wildlife Area and the Nanticoke River are both not far from Bethel. These places are great for getting some exercise and seeing Delaware’s natural beauty.

Bethel, Delaware Demographics

The small town of Bethel is in Sussex County, Delaware. More than 170 people live in Bethel, which is known for its quiet atmosphere and close-knit community. Let’s look into the types of people who live in this cute town.

The people who live in Bethel are mostly white; about 90% of them identify as Caucasian. TimeDictionary says that the last 10% of the population is made up of people of different races, such as African Americans, Hispanics, Asians, and Native Americans.

Bethel has a pretty even age range, with people of a variety of ages living there. Most people in the town are 40 years old. About a quarter of the people living there are under 18 years old, which shows that there are a lot of families living there. About 60% of the people are working age, which means they are between the ages of 18 and 65. Last but not least, 15% are seniors 65 and older.

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Bethel is a family-friendly town, and a lot of the homes there are made up of married couples with kids. About 55% of the people living in the town are married, which shows how much they value family. There are an average of 3.2 people living in each Bethel household, which is a little more than the national figure.

Bethel places a high value on education, and a large portion of its population has finished college. About 85% of people who live there have at least a high school diploma, which is a little higher than the national rate. There are several good schools in the town that educate the people who live there.

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