Home Business News Bagel shop comes to life in Roscoe (VIDEO)

Bagel shop comes to life in Roscoe (VIDEO)

ROSCOE: Zach Scheitlan transitioned from store management about three years ago to baking bagels at home and peddling them from his front porch. In the next months, Scheitlan plans to launch his first physical bagel shop in Roscoe.

Scheitlan expressed his opinion that Roscoe will be the ideal site for his new company. It was difficult to find a decent bagel since, from where I was in Cochecton, you had to drive 30 minutes in either direction to some of the nearby bagel shops, and they didn’t have what I was searching for, he added.

Having never run a bagel store before, Scheitlan expressed that he is both anxious and thrilled about what lies ahead. When we open that door and see everyone who has supported me over the past three years, all of the nerves will leave, he concluded.

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