Home News Bagel machine makes history (VIDEO)

Bagel machine makes history (VIDEO)

Bagel machine makes history (VIDEO)

HURLEYVILLEThough they appear to have existed for generations, Hurleyville resident Louis Wichinsky is recognized by history as the inventor of the bagel-making apparatus.

The first bagel machine was on display at the Sullivan County Museum in Hurleyville today, Monday, in honor of National Bagel Day.

The Sullivan County Historical Society’s president, Suzanne Cecil, stated that Wichinsky began creating his machine in the 1940s.

During World War II, he began working on it. He was in the United Kingdom. She stated that he asserts that it took him two wars and twenty years to carve out the bagel machine niche. I discovered that he had agreements with individuals in Toronto, and one of these machines was located in the Taj Mahal Casino in Atlantic City. They have been staying in New York City at the Plaza Hotel.

Hurleyville’s Sullivan County Museum has the machine on exhibit.

It is important to distinguish National Bagel Day from the yearly Bagel Capital celebration held in Monticello during the summer.

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