Assemblywoman Angela McKnight Calls

Assemblywoman Angela McKnight of Hudson County has been actively campaigning against the New Jersey Department of Education’s (DOE) decision to reduce payments to childcare providers. The DOE issued a brief directive on October 25, 2023, indicating a cessation of the existing payment method for childcare providers, which has been in place for the past three years. This alteration threatens to slash the income of some providers by as much as 50%.

Recognizing the potential crisis, Assemblywoman McKnight engaged with leaders of the Jersey City childcare community in November and discussed the matter with DOE Assistant Commissioner of Early Childcare Cary Booker and members of the Jersey City Board of Education.

Angela McKnight


Her efforts led to a 60-day delay in implementing the new payment structure. However, McKnight expressed that this extension is insufficient for childcare providers to adapt their operating budgets, potentially forcing them to downsize or even shut down​.

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A family-run educational facility in Greenville that has been open for 25 years exemplifies the decision’s significant impact. They expressed concerns about the imminent funding cut for PreK 3 and 4 students, scheduled for December 1, 2023, potentially leading to their closure and affecting the Greenville community significantly. McKnight argues that the budget for these funds had already been allocated earlier in the year, making the DOE’s sudden financial change unjustifiable. She remains committed to ensuring the financial security of childcare providers​​

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