Assemblyman Vince Fong Announces Bid for McCarthy Seat in California

On Monday, Republican California state Assemblyman Vince Fong said he would run for Rep. Kevin McCarthy’s (R-Calif.) open house spot in the Golden State.

“The Central Valley needs to keep having strong, conservative leaders in Congress; that’s what I really believe.” “Because of recent events and to try to bring our community together at this very important time in our country’s history, I have decided to run for Congress in 2024,” Fong said in a statement.

Reports say that Fong said he wouldn’t run for Congress a few days ago. In his most recent statement, he said that after McCarthy said he was retiring at the end of his term, he thought that working in the State Assembly would be “the best way” to serve his community. But now he wants to be Speaker instead. Another Republican from the Central Valley, State Sen. Shannon Grove, also said hours before Fong’s report that she would not run for Congress.

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McCarthy is the first person to be removed from the top job in the House. He announced last week that he will be leaving the lower house at the end of his current term “to serve America in new ways.”

“I will keep asking the smartest and best people in our country to run for office.” “Every day the Republican Party grows, and I’m committed to using my experience to help the next generation of leaders,” McCarthy wrote in an opinion piece for the Wall Street Journal.

Only a few House races in California are expected to be close next year. However, McCarthy’s district, which he has served since 2006, is likely to stay Republican.

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