Arizona man arrested for dancing and waving fake AR-15 in California neighborhood

On December 17, a weird incident in Folsom occurred, ending in the arrest of a man who was reportedly talking to himself, dancing in the street, and flashing multiple fake firearms at law enforcement.

In a recent social media post, the Folsom Police Department described the incident, emphasizing the quick and collaborative actions that resulted in the safe resolution of the problem.

On December 17, the Folsom Police Department got many complaints of a suspicious guy acting strangely, talking to himself, and waving what appeared to be replica firearms in two different locations.

Officers responded immediately to the reports and tracked down the individual as he drove away from the Folsom Aquatic Center.

Authorities launched a safe distance pursuit of the suspect until enough patrol units collected to attempt a traffic stop at the crossroads of Blue Ravine Road and Prairie City Road.

When he was pulled over, the man escalated the situation by brandishing a fake gun out of the sunroof of his car. He then left the truck and began dancing on the roadway, defying officers on the scene’s verbal commands.

Arizona man arrested for dancing and waving fake AR-15 in California neighborhood

When the man grabbed a black AR-15 gun replica from the trunk of his vehicle, the situation took an ominous turn.

Folsom police said the suspect took the magazine, waved it around without pointing it at the cops, and threw it to the ground.

Officers swiftly devised a plan to bring the situation to a quick and safe conclusion in response to the rising threat.

An officer fired a beanbag round at the suspect using a shotgun outfitted with non-lethal pellets, striking him on the left side.

The distraction allowed officers to approach the guy safely and take him into custody without incident.

Folsom Police stated later that the AR-15 weapon in question was an “incredibly realistic airsoft gun.”

The defendant, an Arizona native, was detained and placed in the Sacramento County Jail on suspicion of resisting/obstructing a peace officer. He was also placed on a mental health hold.

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