Arizona gunshot victim's mother awaits justice on Christmas Day

One Arizona mother is reminded of her son’s murder as her family celebrates the Christmas holiday.

Tyler Cardiel was shot and killed three years ago while walking home to his family. Cardiel had just finished an overnight shift at a convenience shop at 83rd Avenue and Indian School Road on Christmas Eve when the shooting occurred.

Monique Cardiel, Cardiel’s mother, has visited the place every day since that awful day to remember her son.

“Everything takes time is something my son always said,” Monique chimed in.

The reality is that Christmas will never be a joyous season for Monique again.

“It’s not the same,” Monique added. “There are no decorations. We even don’t have a Christmas tree.”

Instead, loving ones honor Cardiel, who was 18 at the time of his death, by wearing his favorite color and sending star-shaped balloons into the sky.

“We write messages, and we’re just hoping that he gets them,” Monique added.

Suspect in Cardiel’s death remains in custody

Arizona gunshot victim's mother awaits justice on Christmas Day

Timothy Bell, the suspect in Cardiel’s shooting, was apprehended based on DNA evidence obtained from the crime scene, according to authorities.

According to court filings, Bell told detectives he was unhappy about being homeless. Meanwhile, Bell’s defense maintains he is incapable of standing trial.

Despite a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head before his arrest, three court-appointed doctors evaluated Bell and all agreed that his psychological condition is a key concern. The question in the capital murder case is whether his competency is impaired by an organic brain injury or a mental condition.

Originally, Bell’s trial was scheduled to begin in December 2023, but the court anticipates receiving fresh findings on Bell’s competency from two doctors on January 19, 2024, before conducting another hearing on January 25.

“I know nothing that I do – these balloons, coming here every day, going to court every day, talking to you on TV – nothing I do is going to bring him back,” Monique added.

If the Christmas tragedy taught Monique anything, it was this.

“Just realize how blessed you are, and hug your loved ones,” she said. “Hug them really tight, because you just don’t ever know.”

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