An SC law proposes teaching cursive in elementary classrooms

If you are over thirty, you were probably taught cursive writing in school.

Handwriting has not been required in South Carolina classrooms since 2008.

State Representative Michael Rivers (D) is working to restore the talent in public schools by introducing legislation that would require students in grades two through five to learn and write in cursive.

“Now cursive writing is like foreign,” Rivers remarked in an interview with Zoom. “Its critically important for us to make sure young people have that opportunity to legitimize and authenticate their personality through a signature.”

However, some, such as middle school teacher Pam Light, dispute whether it is still a vital ability.

“I believe it was a skill that was required.” I’m not sure whether it will be in the next generation, but I see the worth in it for myself. However, because there are so many topics that must be taught in the classroom, I’m not sure if it is the most important one. “But I’m glad my kids learned it, and I’d like kids to learn it,” she said.

An SC law proposes teaching cursive in elementary classrooms

“I recently sold a house,” Light added, “and now I have the ability to e-sign with technology.” I didn’t have to sign anything in cursive because everything was done digitally. So, if you can sell a house without ever doing anything, it appears that it isn’t as important as it formerly was.”

While Rivers recognizes that technology has influenced whether or not handwriting is taught, he argues that there are still reasons why cursive should be included in the early school-level curriculum.

“I understand technology and things being more relaxed and socially oriented from a legal standpoint.” “However, adults usually deal in a legal world, so there will be documents and authenticity that comes from cursive handwriting, which I believe is a good benefit,” Rivers explained.

It was referred to the Education and Public Works Committee and will be debated when the legislature starts in January.

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