An Awesome Surprise Plan is Made Possible With the Help of Wisconsin Police

A few cops from the Eau Claire, Wisconsin, police department should get a lot of praise for how well they act! They helped plan a surprise proposal, and their body cams got it all on video.

This took place over the weekend. I got the film from the Eau Claire Police Department’s Facebook page. It sounds like the couple was just visiting the area because it talks about a hotel.

When they were “pulled over,” the couple was all dressed up and ready to go somewhere. The police and Troy knew it was all a set-up, but Moriah, Troy’s partner, didn’t.

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Right at the beginning of the tape, the police are in their squad car with Troy’s license. They get out, walk back to the car, and act like the license isn’t working right and he needs to get out of the car.

The male officer leads Troy to a spot, and you can hear him ask softly, “Are you all set?” The woman police officer then goes to get Moriah. She says they want her to get out of the car too, so she does and follows the police officer. The area close to her soon-to-be-husband is conveniently shown to her.

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When Moriah turns around, Troy is on one knee. The female officer is making up a story about how they’re just checking his license some more and that it will only take a minute. It’s so cute, and I love how well the police played along with it!

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