Americans Discover Truth that Alaska is Not an Island, Blame Education

A recent TikTok video shows that many Americans don’t know much about Alaska because they think it’s an island different from the US.

What You Know About Alaska?

According to jpost, People possibly think of snow and ice, as well as the fact that it is the largest and northernmost state in the United States. People who know more about the subject might also say that it was bought from Russia for 7.2 million dollars. How many of you thought it was an island, though? Most likely, not many of you did, since it’s not true.

In spite of this, it looks like a lot of Americans think Alaska is an island. This was made public in Sabrina Abra’s popular TikTok video, in which she accepted she was wrong and blamed her teachers for not teaching her well enough.

Abra, who is 25 years old and grew up in Utah but now lives in Canada, said that people in Canada get a better education. Her video, which has almost a million views, showed that she thought Alaska was a different island from the rest of North America until her Canadian friend told her she was wrong. “The list of things I didn’t know about Canada, the US, and geography in general is simply shocking,” she cried out. “When I was 18, I met a Canadian guy who told me about Alaska. ‘Wait, can you go to Alaska?!'”

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Abra said that American classrooms often have maps with different boxes for Hawaii, which is a group of islands, and Alaska. This made her think that Alaska is also an island and not American territory next to Canada. “I have a lot of questions about how schools work in the US.” “I graduated from high school with good grades and was a good student,” Abra complained. “I couldn’t believe how much I didn’t know about the US, Canada, and geography in general.” ‘You must be stupid,’ you might be thinking. ‘You just don’t know geography.’ “But it’s American, it’s a part of the US.”

Eliza Myers, another TikTok user, said she also found out later in life that Alaska wasn’t an island. A lot of older people who had just recently found out the truth posted similar statements on their videos. “I once asked why Hawaii is so hot and Alaska so cold when they are right next to each other, in front of a 10th grader,” wrote a reader. “As a teacher, I’ve heard this misconception from adults numerous times, so I explicitly inform my students that Alaska is not an island,” said one more. One watcher said, “Oh my God,” which was very embarrassing. It’s not an island near Canada, I just learned. I am 33 years old. “I feel so ashamed.”

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Surfers from other parts of the world were shocked by these discoveries because they didn’t know that this was a common misunderstanding in the US.I don’t understand this.

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