Home Business News Alliance for Balanced Growth advocates smart development in Orange County

Alliance for Balanced Growth advocates smart development in Orange County

Alliance for Balanced Growth advocates smart development in Orange County

OANE COUNTY:The Orange County Partnership, business, real estate, and municipal leaders continue to support the Alliance for Balanced Growth (ABG), a cooperative initiative that is dedicated to responsible growth in Orange County. The ABG, whose goal is to be a single voice for deliberate development, has been instrumental in encouraging community involvement and bringing up important issues for the benefit of the area.

In 2023, the ABG prioritized overcoming resistance by involving the community. The significance of education and proactive communication in resolving community concerns during the proposal of a commercial project in a community was underscored by our panel of specialists. As a result, a thorough Best Practices Guide was produced to help prospective projects and local authorities.

in managing conscientious development.

The crucial subject of Construction & Development in the New Clean Energy Economy was also covered by the ABG. The knowledgeable panelists discussed the situation of utilities today, grid issues, long-term strategies, and clean energy practice implementation. Prominent individuals including Christopher Capone, President & CEO of Central Hudson Gas & Electric, and Robert Sanchez, President & CEO of Orange & Rockland Utilities, provided insightful comments.

In 2024, the ABG, under the direction of Co-Chairs Andrew Fetherston of Colliers Engineering and Dan Depew of Holt Construction, plans to spread the word about the importance of community leaders who are dedicated to economic development for advancement. The ABG intends to deal with important concerns like the necessity of giving water and sewer infrastructure first priority for strategic economic development.

Understanding that modern manufacturing and well-paying jobs depend on upgraded infrastructure, the ABG seeks to promote innovative solutions, such as intermunicipal water agreements.

According to Orange County Partnership President & CEO Maureen Halahan, sewage and water infrastructure are essential for promoting long-term economic growth. Our message is clear: water and sewer infrastructure must be prioritized if Orange County is to see sensible growth and job creation.

Orange County will have chances in the green manufacturing and semiconductor supply chain during the coming years. Opportunities for site selection are shifting toward advanced industry and technology. Communities that have infrastructure now have a true

chance to draw upscale industrial projects, according to Orange County Partnership Vice President of Business Attraction Conor Eckert.

Orange County is poised to be a major player in the Northeast’s rebirth of advanced manufacturing and technological development. Anyone interested in promoting smart development for their clients or communities will find the conversation to be very essential.

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