Alabama autoworkers' wages

Alabama Arise’s most recent study suggests that pay for autoworkers may decrease. This surprises a lot of people at a time when items are getting more expensive. Autoworkers in Alabama made about 11% less on average from 2002 to 2019, or more than $7,500 a year.

The nationwide trend for autoworkers’ pay to go down is similar to what’s happening in Alabama. For example, Alabama is being hit harder because autoworker pay did not start as high as in Michigan and other states with similar living costs.

Alabama Arise Worker Policy Advocate Dev Wakeley worked on the study. How does he say this?

“While it’s true that Michigan workers did see a decline over the same time, they also started at a much higher amount than Alabama wages for the same work.”

Alabama autoworkers' wages

In addition, he says that people who have worked in factories for a long time have noticed changes in the quality and amount of work.

Wakeley points out, “The primary way that you retain and develop a workforce is by paying them enough to thrive on, and if they can go get a better deal in another state or better opportunities in the long term or a better environment for worker stability and building their families, they’ll go there.” Alabama might lose workers if wages don’t go up.

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Residents of Alabama, like Georgia Adamson, think that things need to change.”We need wage increases. We need those.” The fact that wages are falling while prices are rising has her more enraged. “Cause food prices are up, gas prices fluctuate, and they’re up, prices in department stores are up, and people are having hard times right now.”

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