Acadia National Park is the Most Pet-Friendly Park in Maine City

Every year, thousands of people eagerly crowd into American parks to hike with their furry friends, but a long list of rules keeps them out. A walk through the woods on a dirt trail might seem like the most natural thing in the world, but many U.S. national parks have strict rules about where pets can and can’t go. This is usually to protect wildlife, fragile landscapes, and other tourists.

Acadia National Park, Maine: The Pet-Friendly Park

Pets aren’t allowed near Acadia’s lakes and other natural water sources, or on the rung and ladder trails that go along cliffs. However, Fido can still walk freely on the 100 miles of hiking trails and 45 miles of crushed-stone carriage roads. We suggest taking a walk on the old roads that cross each other near Jordan Pond House or hiking up the base of Champlain Mountain.

Dogs in Acadia National Park, Maine

You can have fun exploring Acadia National Park with your dogs no matter what you like or how skilled you are. Love to hike? There are 100 miles of trails that allow pets. These range from flat roads to steep mountain trails.

You and your dog can enjoy 45 miles of old carriage roads if you’d rather walk or ride a bike. And if you like to drive, the 27-mile scenic loop road has some of the most beautiful views. You’ll also have lots of chances to stretch your legs as you walk around.

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It’s one of the few national parks in the country that lets pets stay, so bring your best friend with you! Not only are most of the trails and carriage roads pet-friendly, but so are most public places and the free shuttles that go around the park and the island.

Best Time to Travel in Acadia National Park With Dogs

Bar Harbor is close to Acadia and is definitely a beach town. That means many of the seafood shacks and shops in the area will be closed for the winter. May 25 through September 30 is Bar Harbor’s busiest time of year. You should plan your trip for that time if you want to be able to get to all the shops and places. During the summer, temperatures are generally in the 70s, which is nice.

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If you like snow, don’t mind having fewer places to stay and eat, and want to feel like Acadia is all yours, you should plan your trip for the winter. It’s easy to snowshoe or cross-country ski on many of the tracks in Arcadia National Park.

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