A woman in Pennsylvania has been charged with killing

A woman from Pennsylvania was arrested because police say she hit and killed a guy riding a moped in New York City on purpose. Lillibeth Vasquez, who lives in Allentown and is 28 years old, is being charged with manslaughter and murder.

News outlets like The Allentown Morning Call say that Vasquez deliberately crashed her red Honda Civic into a moped in the Bronx on Saturday around 2:20 p.m.

Woman arrested in NYC road-rage murder of scooter rider

The moped driver, 23-year-old Robert Jimenez, was taken to the hospital after the crash. He eventually died from his injuries, which was sad. News outlets like CBS News reported that Vasquez was going too fast and in the wrong way when her car crashed into the moped.

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A New York Daily News story says that Vasquez and Jimenez fought before the crash. Jimenez’s family said he looked forward to having a child in two months.

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