A Slow-Moving Storm Indicates Flood Threat to California State

A slow-moving storm is dumping a lot of rain on Southern California. Over the next few days, flooding, debris flows in places that have recently been burned, and rockslides and mudslides are all possible.

Here’s where the storm is right now and when it will happen next: Parts of California are getting rain right now because of the storm. It will slowly move across Southern California until Thursday or the first half of Friday. Later on Friday, it will be dry again, and it will stay dry all weekend.

Notifications about flooding have been sent out by the National Weather Service. Parts of southwest California, such as Los Angeles and San Diego, are under flood watches until Friday afternoon.

The National Weather Service said that rain and thunderstorms could cause roads to flood, especially in low-lying places. There will be more water flowing through creeks, streams, and rivers, and they might even flood. Burn scars like the South Fire burn scar in Ventura County may have debris flows. Along canyon and mountain roads, rockslides and mudslides are also possible.

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This is how much rain you can expect: places in Southern California with lower elevations can expect 2 to 4 inches of rain. In the foothills and mountains below snow level (7,000 feet or less), the totals will be higher, at 4 to 8 inches. If you are driving and come across a flooded road or underpass, do not try to drive through it.

This is very dangerous because you might not be able to tell how deep the water is or if flooding is hiding a part of the road that is washed out. It can also be harder to see flooding at night. Many cars can float in water that is only about 1 foot deep. You can’t control your car once it starts to float.

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