A New Jersey Family Is Upset After a House Fire

FRANKLIN TOWNSHIP, N.J. (CBS)– A husband and wife who have been married for 50 years are trying to stay alive after a house fire in Franklin Township, New Jersey, on Monday night. Family members recognized the victims as Kathleen and John Klein, along with their grandson Joshua Klein-Parks, who tried to save their lives and was also hurt and taken to the hospital.

“Very shaken up” is how their family feels. “It seems strange,” said their granddaughter Genevieve Klein-Parks. These past twelve months have been hard and stressful for Genevieve Klein-Parks and her sister Sunshine Klein-Parks. These sisters lost their mother and uncle just a few months apart. Now they are dealing with yet another loss.

“It’s all very scary that we’ve lost so many family members in a short amount of time and now they’re all in the hospital,” Sunshine Klein-Parks said. Firefighters got her brother and grandparents out of the house just minutes after the wood stove in the living room caught fire Monday night around 9 p.m. The fire was put out by their brother using two fire extinguishers. As the fire spread, he ran upstairs to help his grandpa, who is 77 years old.

A New Jersey Family Is Upset After a House Fire

“My brother was out on the roof, and they helped him get down, and they helped my grandfather get out, but my grandmother was still downstairs,” Sunny Klein-Parks said. A 76-year-old woman fell and crawled to the front door, where firefighters found her and helped her. An ambulance took their grandson to the hospital, while she and her husband were flown there.

According to Sunshine Klein-Parks, her brother kept saying sorry while he was in the hospital because he said the fire destroyed all of the family’s Christmas gifts. Officials are still trying to figure out what caused the fire. Many years of family history are lost in this house, but both sisters said they only want everyone to be healthy and together for the holidays. “Thirteen percent of his body is burned.” The sun burned 30% of my grandfather’s body, and he’s on a breathing tube right now, Sunshine Klein-Parks said.

It was said that both grandparents were in serious condition. According to these sisters, their brother’s quick thought probably saved their lives. Sunshine Klein-Parks said, “He’s always been the outgoing type who tries to help everyone else.”

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