A man granted compassionate release from prison robbed an armored truck

On Tuesday, prosecutors charged an Inglewood man with robbing an armored truck at gunpoint. Last year, authorities gave him an early release.

Markham David Bond, 60, was sentenced to over 46 years in prison for armed courier and bank robberies between 1985 and 1995, prior to allegedly robbing the Brinks truck. Authorities gave him compassionate release after he served 26 years of his sentence, which is normally awarded to inmates who are terminally sick. Bond claimed in January 2022 that he was in poor health and no longer a threat to the community.

The Department of Justice was adamantly opposed to the compassionate release.

A man granted compassionate release from prison robbed an armored truck

Federal prosecutors charged him with robbery interfering with commerce, using a firearm during a violent crime, and being a felon in possession of a firearm and ammunition. He might face life in jail if convicted. According to DOJ officials, Bond will be tried under the Hobbs Act, which imposes harsher penalties for robberies that disrupt interstate or foreign commerce.

The alleged armed robbery took place in mid-August in Westchester, near Los Angeles International Airport, while Bond was on supervised release. He allegedly held the driver at gunpoint while one of the employees exited the armored truck carrying a blue duffle bag full of cash.

According to prosecutors, the Brinks guard dropped the bag after the 60-year-old threatened him. Bond bolted from the scene.

A man granted compassionate release from prison robbed an armored truck

Police tracked down Bond’s alleged getaway vehicle a little more than a week after the robbery. They seized a blue Brinks bag and a black baseball came with the same Raiders NFL logo seen on surveillance footage of the suspect.

Even though police tracked down the getaway vehicle nine days after the heist, investigators spent nearly three months tracking down Bond before arresting him at his home. There, they found a .40-caliber pistol, clothing that matched the suspect’s photo, and $9,005 of crumpled cash stuffed into a mini-fridge.

The bond will be arranged on December 18. He is being held in jail without bail.

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