New Jersey Christmas Tree Farm

MANALAPAN, N.J. (PIX11) Jack Sangillo and his girlfriend were walking across his Christmas tree farm on a snowy day three years ago when he had a strange thought. “I want to make them feel like they want to come back,” said Sangillo, who owns Anne Ellen Tree Farm with his partner. “With a paper plate and a pen, we just walked through there and made a map on the plate. Then we started from there.”

Thanks to him, what used to be a forest became The Village at Anne Ellen. Sangillo said, “I want to give people a level of interaction that you don’t get from many of the drive-through sets, hayride sets, or anything like that.” Even though there are almost 500,000 bright lights, each corner of the town on his farm in Manalapan, NY, offers a unique experience. There are model trains, a candy cane factory, Santa’s mailroom, and a coal mine for those who have been bad.

A Christmas tree farm in New Jersey

“There are a lot of buildings out there where people can interact and do little things,” Sangillo said. You won’t find a coal mine at every holiday night’s show like this. It’s brand new this year and has a coal pellet gun shooting range. But then, this isn’t just any Christmas tree farm.

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On the other side of the farm, there is a place with Christmas decorations and gifts and a candy shop. “We have pretty much everything,” Sangillo said. “We have things for your tree and inside your house.” I want everyone to have an experience that makes them think, “Wow, that was pretty cool.” It doesn’t matter who they are or where they come from. Every day of the week, the farm is open. You have to buy your Village tickets online ahead of time. For information on times and tickets

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