9-year-old girl brings smiles to Southeast Texas nursing home

Texas’s Port Arthur A 9-year-old girl from Port Arthur and her pet friend are making people in nursing homes in Southeast Texas smile and laugh. Corra Thomas and her two-week-old calf, “Copper,” went to several care homes in Groves and Port Arthur. “We thought it would be nice for them since they don’t have a lot of people going there,” she explained.

She says that when she took the two-day-old calf to the first nursing home, he helped her get along with the other inmates.”When I first got there, I was a little bit shy, but once I started going places, I was really happy,” she mentioned. Early this month, the dynamic team went to the nursing homes. He was a hit in all three places.

“I think she was like a worker there, and right when she saw him, she started jumping,” she mentioned. “There was this lady with a pink dress; she was in a wheelchair and loved it the most.”  The pink-dressed woman told Korra that seeing the baby cow made her think of good times.

9-year-old, baby cow brings smiles to nursing homes resident

“She grew up on a farm, and she had some cows, and she loved baby cows,” said Korra. Growing up in a family that raised cattle for many years made Korra love animals from a young age. “I help mostly with the calves, milking them, probably helping them give shots to them, and branding them,” she explained.

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One day, Korra wants to make a living doing what she loves by becoming a big animal veterinarian. “I like the furry animals, and I like big animals like elephants, and stuff is my favourite,” she mentioned. Next week, Korra has plans to go to more care homes in Southeast Texas. This time, she’ll bring a new friend with her. Cuco is too old now that he’s 2 weeks old. Korra will bring a new baby calf with her the next time she comes.

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