5 Traveling Tips For Carrying Marijuana

Recent events have caused Los Angeles International Airport to change its rules about having weed on you. With the new policy, passengers can now legally bring a small bit of cannabis in their carry-on luggage. This was made possible by the LAPD. In line with Proposition 64, which was passed by California, this change was made. But people who are going with marijuana should be careful and know about some safety tips before they bring it with them.

Know the Limits

If you want to fly out of LAX airport with weed, you need to know how much you can legally have on you. The LAPD will decide if you should be fined or even arrested if you go over the allowed amount. This is made clear by the fact that LAX stated the legal limits for marijuana possession in their press release about flying with it.

government law says that you can’t have marijuana with you, even in government airspace. But as of January 1, 2018, people in California aged 21 and up are allowed to have up to 28.5 grams of marijuana and 8 grams of potent marijuana for their own use thanks to Proposition 64.

The Los Angeles Airport Police Department follows the rules set by Proposition 64 and lets people going through LAX bring up to 28.5 grams of marijuana and 8 grams of concentrated marijuana with them. It’s important to remember that marijuana laws vary from state to state, so it’s smart to look up the laws in the states you want to visit.

Local Destination Laws

The LAX airport statement lists some things that people who are flying with cannabis should think about in case something goes wrong. To stay out of trouble with the law, you should only bring your marijuana with you in your carry-on luggage if you know that the state you are going to allows medical or recreational cannabis. To the contrary, it is very important to make sure that cannabis is not illegal at your final stop.

If a state doesn’t allow any kind of weed use, people caught with marijuana in that state could be arrested under state law. When going to a state that doesn’t allow weed use, be careful because drug-sniffing dogs at the baggage claim could cause problems that you don’t want. Authorities may target flights even from states where marijuana is allowed, so people who are traveling should be aware of the risks.

Smoking Areas

At LAX, smoking in public is not recommended, but it is not strictly against the law. However, passengers are told they should only smoke in certain places outside the terminal. While lighting up a joint might not be the best idea, it should be fine to use a vape pen that is less obvious.

If you smoke, you should know that it is illegal to do so in all of California’s airports. If you break this rule, you could be arrested, so don’t smoke in the terminal or on the plane. Furthermore, messing with smoke alarms in airplane bathrooms can lead to federal charges. To stay out of trouble with the law, it’s best to smoke before going to the airport or outside the station.

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Getting Through Security

Some people find it hard to get through the security line at LAX airport, especially if they have marijuana on them. To avoid getting too much attention, it’s best to stay out of sight and not smell like weed. It’s important to remember that the TSA is a federal body, and its main job is not to look for marijuana. If you do, however, raise any red flags during the screening process, they may look into it further.

5 Traveling Tips For Carrying Marijuana

The people who work at airport security usually look for big metal objects and lots of liquids instead of weed. It is very important to keep all items related to weed in your carry-on bags and not in your pockets. The body scan technology is very good at finding anything hidden in your body. Putting weed in your shoes is not a good idea because it can make people notice you and your things.

Dealing with TSA

It is very important to know what to do if the TSA pulls you away during the security check. If they search your carry-on and find cannabis goods, the LAPD will probably be called to deal with it. They might let you on the plane, though, if the amount of pot you have on you is less than the legal limit.

5 Traveling Tips For Carrying Marijuana

When dealing with police, it’s better to be polite than angry if you want a better result. Being polite doesn’t mean you can’t use your rights. Officers will decide how to handle the case in the end, but a recent change to their rules means you should be able to bring your cannabis on board with you.

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