5 Alabama Cities having the Highest Number of Divorce Rates

Within the walls of matrimony, a less romantic reality emerges in the heart of Dixie, where the sweet aroma of magnolias lingers in the air and the echoes of Southern charm resonate.

We explore the personal and complex web of relationships that have unraveled throughout the state. Come along as we negotiate the intricacies of divorce in Alabama’s urban settings, where pursuing happiness can occasionally lead to taking different routes.


Attalla, a city of 5,849 people, has a divorce rate of 17.0% with 795 divorcees living there. In spite of this fact, the community’s median income remains steady at $51,875, suggesting a strong economic basis.

Even though divorce rates can vary, Attalla’s citizens are resilient and have steady employment, which adds to the city’s general vibrancy.


There are 9,756 people living in Fultondale, and their median income is $72,741. With 1,248 divorcees living in its town, it has a 16.0% divorce rate despite its comparatively modest population.

5 Alabama Cities having the Highest Number of Divorce Rates

In the context of stable finances, a considerable proportion of Fultondale’s population goes through the ups and downs of divorce, and this statistical snapshot provides insight into the city’s economic and social makeup.

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Atmore is a community of 8,465 people with a divorce rate of 15.0%, or about 1,015 divorcees per 1,000 residents. The town has a wide socioeconomic terrain, as seen by its $30,472 median income, despite its comparatively small size.

These figures depict a community that is juggling opportunities and challenges related to the economy with the intricacies of contemporary relationships.

Atmore serves as a microcosm of larger social trends, with people trying to maintain stability and prosperity while dealing with ups and downs in their personal and financial lives.

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The 6,077-person town of Tarrant has a distinctive demographic makeup. The close-knit community’s 16.0% divorce rate and 777 divorcees highlight the difficulties of contemporary marriages.

5 Alabama Cities having the Highest Number of Divorce Rates

Still, the median income is $37,768, demonstrating a strong economic fabric that helps its residents through both stable financial circumstances and life changes.

The way people conduct their daily lives in Tarrant is shaped by the interaction of social dynamics and economic realities, creating a community that is both challenging and advantageous.

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The 33,881-person city of Gadsden is home to a lively and diversified community. Nevertheless, in the middle of its busy environment, there is a 14.0% divorce rate, which affects about 3,794 people.

The city perseveres and is determined to grow in spite of this fact. At $39,696, the median income reflects both the locals’ expectations and the state of the economy.

Gadsden is a place of opportunities and challenges, where its residents bravely move on in search of wealth and fulfillment despite the difficulties of life.

To Conclude

Alabama’s urban centers paint a nuanced picture of relationships and divorce. While divorce rates can be significant, these communities also boast strong median incomes, highlighting a resilience and economic stability.

From the close-knit community of Tarrant to the diverse city of Gadsden, each location demonstrates the complex interplay between social dynamics and economic realities.

Despite the challenges, these Alabama cities are places where people navigate the complexities of modern relationships while striving for happiness and prosperity.

It’s a reminder that divorce, though a difficult process, doesn’t diminish the inherent strength and spirit found within these Southern communities.

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