18 Dead in Central US Tornadoes; Jack Harlow's Kentucky Festival Called Off

Storms have continued to strike, taking many lives with them. Following a severe tornado watch, Louisville, Kentucky’s Gazebo Festival was canceled.

It is alleged that the horrific onslaught of tornadoes and storms that devastated the central United States claimed at least 18 lives in four states.

Severe winds that targeted the Ohio, Tennessee, and mid-Mississippi valleys on Sunday dominated the Memorial Day weekend due to impending weather threats.

A warning of “violent tornadoes, extreme hail, and corridors of widespread wind damage” was released by the Storm Prediction Center.

The SPC also warned of “many tornadoes and few intense likely” and deemed the tornado watch to be in a “particularly dangerous situation.”

Parts of Arkansas, Illinois, Kentucky, Missouri, and Tennessee are under a stormy weather watch, which is expected to affect 4.7 million people.

At least 18 people, including four children, have already died as a result of the extreme weather in four states.

“Intense supercell thunderstorm will continue to develop across the watch area through this evening,” according to the Storm Prediction Center’s forecast.

The SPC noted that there is a chance of multiple tornadoes, some of which are predicted to be stronger than others. It also stated that there is a chance of “very large hail” in addition to “the risk for potentially significant damaging wind gusts.”

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Kentucky’s Gazebo Festival was canceled due to a tornado watch

In the meantime, Sunday, May 26, at the first Gazebo Festival, featuring American artist Jack Harlow, is still postponed. The rapper Lovin on Me was scheduled to be the main act at the music festival in Louisville, Kentucky.

Early on Sunday afternoon, authorities called off the event and posted a statement on social media saying, “Our staff, artists, and patrons’ safety is our top priority.”

Owing to the persistently dangerous weather conditions in the early afternoon and the anticipated second wave of precipitation this tonight, we have had to make the extremely difficult decision to cancel the remaining Gazebo Festival activities.”

Additionally, according to the Gazebo Festival officials, all Weekend ticket holders would receive a 50% refund, and all refunds would be completed within 30 days, except for Sunday ticket holders who would receive a full refund.

Eventually, Harlow talked about the discontinuation of the show on his Instagram stories.

“We are currently on a tornado watch. I know things cleared up a little bit, but the bad weather has damaged the site and there’s more storms and dangerous winds on the way… I’m trying to focus on the positive because all I felt was happiness yesterday. I’m grateful for our flawless first day and for the way this city came together. Thank you so much. I’m sorry.”

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