10 Sayings People from Maryland Find Highly Offensive

Maryland’s unique culture and rich history encourage a strong sense of place-based pride among its citizens. Marylanders, who are known as the “Old Line State,” are proud of their customs and way of life.

Still, there are some expressions or myths that might inadvertently offend Marylanders. This article will discuss several frequent phrases that could cause people in Maryland to scoff or worse.

When you visit or speak with someone from Maryland, you can make sure that everything goes smoothly and with courtesy by being aware of these sensitivities.

So strap up and brush up on some fundamental manners to prevent any faux pas in the “Free State.”

There is a state where crab cakes taste better

Marylanders are very proud of their crab cakes and frequently think they are the greatest. It can be viewed as a direct insult to their sense of culinary pride to suggest that crab cakes from another state are superior.

Is Baltimore not merely a scary, decaying place?

Baltimore boasts thriving communities, a rich history, and a wealth of cultural attractions, despite its share of challenges as a metropolitan metropolis. If it is reduced to negative preconceptions, the city’s resiliency and positive aspects are missed.

What is the point of playing lacrosse, anyway?

In Maryland, lacrosse is a very well-liked and culturally significant sport with a long history and a large number of successful teams. Ignorance of a significant aspect of Maryland’s sports culture is demonstrated by dismissing it.

Why are blue crabs such a big deal?

10 Sayings People from Maryland Find Highly Offensive

Maryland has some amazing blue crabs—especially those from the Chesapeake Bay—for foodies. Disregarding them would be a betrayal of a vital component of the state’s culinary legacy and regional economy.

Maryland is merely a state to pass through

Marylanders are proud of the variety of experiences their state has to offer, which includes both urban and rural locations, beaches, and mountains. Implying that it’s only a stopover on the route somewhere else devalues the state and all of its attractions.

You are essentially D.C. on a lesser scale

Maryland is a separate entity from Washington, D.C. with an own identity. It is insensitive to the distinctive features of Maryland’s history, culture, and localities when it is compared negatively to the nation’s capital.

What makes the Chesapeake Bay so unique?

10 Sayings People from Maryland Find Highly Offensive

Maryland’s Chesapeake Bay is an important natural and cultural landmark. Its economic, historical, and environmental significance to the state is overlooked when its significance is downplayed.

It’s overrated to visit Old Bay

Maryland cuisine is known for its fondness of Old Bay seasoning, especially when it comes to seafood. Making fun of it demonstrates a lack of understanding for a crucial component of Maryland’s culinary culture.

Annapolis is really one more tiny town

The U.S. Naval Academy is located in Annapolis, the state capital, which is also rich in history. Its historical and cultural significance are downplayed when it is referred to as “just another small town.”

As a team, the Ravens are merely ordinary

Maryland is home to an ardent support base of the Baltimore Ravens. Sports fans who are ardently devoted to and proud of their football club may take offense at criticism of the squad.

To Conclude

You may prevent offending Marylanders and guarantee a more pleasant and courteous exchange by being aware of these potential dangers. After all, Maryland has a lot to offer both tourists and locals with its rich history and lively culture.

Thus, bear these sensitivities in mind the next time you’re in the “Free State,” and you’ll be sure to take advantage of everything Maryland has to offer.

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